Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE) has secured funding for a proposed energy from waste (EFW) plant to be built at its Lostock, site in Northwich, UK.

The soda ash manufacturer reached an agreement with a joint venture formed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and FCC Environment Group.

They have formed a joint enterprise called the Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant (LSEP)which will fund and own the EFW.

LSEP will turn residual waste, left over after the recyclable material has been removed, into energy. The plant is set to create hundreds of new jobs in the area as well as supplying steam to Tata's manufacturing plant on the site.

The proposals says that LSEP will use 600,000 tonnes of waste annually, which was otherwise destined for the landfill, and will generate renewable energy to power around 110,000 houses and also offsetting over 200,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year.

The construction of the EFW at TCE’s Lostock site will also deliver tens of millions of pounds of improvements to TCE’s operations.

Construction of the EFW will consist of two phases, starting with a 15-month enabling works programme followed by a three-year building phase including six-months of commissioning.

Operations are scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2023.

Under a contract for up to 35 years, TCE will supply the EFW plant with its Briskarb sodium bicarbonate product used for flue gas treatment.

Fraser Ramsay, TCE’s Project Director, said: “We’re delighted to have reached agreement with LSEP for them to fund, own, build and operate the Lostock Energy from Waste Plant.

"We recognised the need for strong third-party support to take this project forward and, through this agreement, have secured leading energy-from-waste expertise to make the plant a reality.”

Pictured: The Lostock site