Experts discussed the latest technical challenges facing the glass industry at a recent forum.

Scientists, experts and specialists from leading companies spoke about a variety of issues including safety requirements and problems encountered in the design of plants at the recent Glass and Modern Technologies – XXI forum in Moscow.

The event, organised by the 
United National Council of the Russian glass industry, StekloSouz, had the theme ‘Problems that hinder the development of the Russian glass industry and their solutions’.

The forum is regarded as an annual open day of the Russian glass industry.

Representatives from companies from Russia, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, France, Switzerland, India, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Finland reported that the production of new glass products requires modern safety standards and an up-to-date production facility.

The forum discussed technical issues including the problems encountered in the design of plants and the use of energy-efficient technologies. Particular importance was given to the economy of companies, the quality of raw materials, quality control systems and the introduction of modern machinery, equipment and refractories.

StekloSouz President, Victor Osipov, stated in his report that: "The difficult economic situation has enabled managers and glass industry specialists to reassess our strategy in the current 10-year plan to 2020.

"There has been good momentum from the government in its new economic policy, which gives hope that the domestic economy will gain a new impetus.”

He assured that ‘the glass industry will overcome the crisis of overproduction and continue its successful development.’

As is tradition, Mr Osipov presented awards to managers and specialists from various segments of the glass industry. Winners included the General Director of Machine World, Tokarev Mikhail; President of the management company Ruscam, Aydin Onder; the Chairman of TC 074, Sergeeva Ludmila; General Director of Ekran company, Pavel Boboshik and the General Director of Stromizmeritel, Konstantin Subbotin.

The General Director of VVS, Bochenkov Anatoly and the department head of the Institute of Glass, Osipov Alexander, were awarded the title Honoured Worker of the Russian glass industry

The next scientific forum takes place within the Mir Stekla event in June next year.