Tiama has praised glasstec 2014, announcing that it “was definitively better than glasstec 2012”.

Tiama noticed a larger attendance with all regions of the world well represented.

With its 228m² stand, customers kept Tiama’s sales team busy all week long.

In line with its strategy of being present at the Cold End and in the Hot End, and being able to link the two ends, Tiama had structured its stand with its Cold End Machines on one side and its new Hot Systems on the other side.

In the middle the IQ Intelligence tools were presented (Tiama IQ Scan and Tiama IQTrack), allowing customers to gather all data from the two sides to aid the improvement of glass plant processes.

The 13 LED screens wall underlined the new Hot systems product range with the Hot Mass

(weight regulation and gob temperature and shape), the Hot Move (X and Y transport analysis) and the Hot Form (glass repartition).

Hot Wall and Hot Eye will soon be introduced to the market.

On the cold End, the MCAL4 displayed some HD cameras, an improved low contrast module, and new software improving detection in containers with engraving.

The MULTI4 displayed improved software, an improved mould number reader and a non-contact dip and saddle.

The MX4 displayed its Non-Contact Leaner (NCL device) and its wide band probes for thickness, and of course the Atlas.