Tiama has launched its new sidewall inspection machine: MCAL 4 AI.

The France-based company said the inspection of hollow glass containers has entered a new era thanks to the implementation of AI inside its MCAL machines.

The MCAL 4 AI revolutionises the performance of inspection machines and drastically simplifies their usage:

  • It maximises defect detection performance and runs inspection of the entire container, reducing the exposure to critical defects.
  • Thanks to a better identification of acceptable defects such as brush marks, black spots or mould seams, wide amounts of sellable containers can be kept.
  • By providing a meaningful glass-type name to all defects, AI provides insights to understand and adjust the glassmaking process
  • Only two simple parameters are required to set it up, making it faster and easier to proceed job changes compared to standard vision algorithms

Every new MCAL machine is now able to run high-speed production inspection with artificial intelligence. In addition, all existing MCAL machines can also be retrofitted with AI.

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