Trend Glass has selected Forglass to perform a major overhaul of its W-2 furnace in its Radom, Poland plant.

The regenerative end port-fired furnace will melt ultra-white flint tableware glass, with melting capacity of 150 tpd.

Forglass had to increase the height of the furnace superstructure, redesign the burner port necks and the top part of the regenerator chambers, change the checker lining (140×140 mm instead of 170×170 mm chimney blocks) and overhaul the oscillating batch charger with vibrating gutter.

It also designed the side wall electric boost (1200 kVA) with required changes of melting tank.

The performance parameters of the re-built exceeded the values guaranteed in the contractL:

The pull was increased to 155tpd (without boost),

The specific melting capacity is 1.95t/(m2·24h) for 30% of cullet,

The specific energy consumption was reduced by 300 kcal/kg; and

The glass quality index was below 10 bubbles Ø 0.5mm/100g of glass.

Trend Glass said that the quality of the engineering and assembly works performed by Forglass were characterised by professionalism, accuracy and creativity in solving problems.

It added that cooperation of the Forglass employees with contractors and subcontractors of other projects was critical to the ultimate success of the investment project.