Two positive asbestos samples have been found at Verallia’s Chalon-sur-Saône factory, France.

The test showed that out of the ten dust samples taken with wipes in several places in the factory, on the ground or on equipment, two highlighted the presence of asbestos fibres.

Three unions, the Verallia management and the labour inspectorate supervised the tests.

For several weeks, the management of Verallia and the CGT have clashed over the presence or absence of asbestos in the factory.

This follows a fire on 16th July 2019, which partially damaged the fibre cement roof.

"This report confirms the presence of asbestos in two places in oven one [where the fire took place, note] on dust. Where a lot of employees of the oven work," said Patrick Girard, elected CGT to the board Social and Economic (CSE) of Verallia.

Despite these two positive tests, the company reaffirmed that it "is important to remember that the results of these two 'wipe' tests are absolutely not considered dangerous under the Public Health Code.

“This is since according to the latter, potential exposure to asbestos is assessed with measurements performed in the air which is not the case of the 'wipes' sample," Verallia said on 23rd January.

At the start of 2020, the CGT elected officials of Verallia Chalon-sur-Saône communicated to the press the results of analyses carried out on their initiative on pieces fallen from the roof.

Of the four samples, three contained asbestos.

On January 23, Verallia's management reiterated, "nearly fifty measurements confirmed the absence of asbestos fibre in the air inside and outside the production hall".

New measurements in the factory air are in progress and will last "until the end of January". The company is said to be waiting for this date to communicate the results.