A debate in the UK Houses of Parliament tomorrow will focus on the UK glass industry.

The discussion will touch on the UN International Year of Glass, the 70th anniversary of the float glass process, pioneered by Alistair Pilkington, and the Glass Futures project in St Helens, with the £54m Centre of Excellence hopefully set to revolutionise the way in which glass is produced globally.

Conor McGinn, Labour MP for St Helens North, secured the parliamentary debate, set to take place on the floor of the House Commons chamber this Thursday (14 July) from around 5pm.

Led by Mr McGinn, the adjournment debate - called so as it takes place before the House rises for the day - will receive an official response from a government minister in the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy department.

Conor McGinn MP said: “Glass is worth some £1.3 billion to our economy and the vibrant, historic industry behind it remains world-leading to this day.

“From the birthplace in the mid-20th century of the float process at Pilkington, to the work we are currently doing with Glass Futures to revolutionise and de-carbonise production, we in St Helens are proud to be at the beating heart of the story.

“I hope my debate will be a chance to celebrate some of the successes of this ever-evolving, innovating industry, as well as to highlight some of the big challenges it faces going forward.”

The debate should be available to view live via https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Commons