Glass Futures and KEW Projects have secured project funding from the UK Government.

The UK Government will fund £299,957 for Glass Future’s project on renewable biofuels and £299,310 for KEW’s project targeted at decarbonisation.

Glass Futures

Glass Future’s ‘Renewable, Waste-Derived Fuels for Glass and Ceramics Manufacturing’ project will take place in Sheffield, UK.

The project will examine switching glass container furnaces from natural gas to waste-derived fuels and build upon findings from Glass Futures’ previous projects; these findings successfully demonstrated the use of biofuels on a commercial glass container furnace.

The team will produce detailed plans for industrial-scale trials of the most attractive waste-derived fuels identified at commercial glass and ceramics plants.


KEW’s ‘Modular Approach to Decarbonisation of Energy (MADE) for Glass’ project will be located in Tamworth, UK.

The project will explore switching flat glass and glass fibre production facilities from natural gas to converted gas waste and biomass.

The consortium will demonstrate that KEW’s modular advanced gasification technology can successfully convert waste and biomass into a hydrogen rich syngas. This will substitute the combustion of carbon-intensive natural gas at two glass production facilities.

The feasibility study will assess the potential for integration of the technology into these production sites and the potential greenhouse gas savings through industrial integration.