The UK government set a goal to create the world’s first ‘net-zero’ carbon cluster by 2040 at the COP24 (UN climate change talks) in Katowice, Poland.

The goal was set with the purpose of cutting down on emissions. The project will receive funds of up to £170 million from industry. It will help heavy industries like glass, ceramics, steel, cement, chemicals and paper to share expertise and innovative low-carbon solutions to clean up the air that people breathe.

Claire Perry, the Energy and Clean Growth Minister, set the goal. She said: “I’m launching a mission to create the world’s first ‘net-zero’ carbon cluster by 2040 in the UK with up to £170 million of new government funding. This will help to develop the technologies of the future to transform industry around the world, ensuring the UK seizes the global economic opportunities for moving to greener, cleaner industry – a key part of our modern Industrial Strategy.”

Minister Perry also set aims for at least one low-carbon cluster by 2030. The UK government strives to use technologies such as carbon capture and storage, in order to become a world-leader in clean technology and services to help tackle climate change.

Minister Perry continued: “Demonstrating climate action and growing economy go hand in hand is key to building momentum behind global action on carbon. The UK is a leader in both, cutting our emissions by more than 40% while growing our economy by two thirds, but to sustain this track record, we need to tackle emissions from energy intensive sectors and bring clean growth to our great industrial centres.”

By investing in world-leading innovative technology, such as carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS), climate change can be tackled alongside creating highly skilled jobs and generating export opportunities.