A new study conducted by YouGov on behalf of Encirc has shown that over 60% of UK adults will be more cautious about drinking from reusable glasses when they return to their local pub or bar.

The likely alternative, according to the study, showed that customers are more likely to opt for pre-filled glass bottles which aren’t used by several people a day, with over four in 10 more likely to choose glass bottled beverages than they were before the lockdown.

The online survey also found that almost 80% of UK adults who have a local pub are willing to practice social distancing if it means that they can go to the pub.

Further data showed that 67% said they would be in support of local establishments enforcing the measures, while 15% of people in the survey said that they were now more comfortable drinking at home than they were before the pandemic.

Fiacre O’Donnell, Director of Sustainability at Encirc’s parent company, Vidrala Group, commented: “It’s a challenging time for people as pubs and restaurants open back up.

“This research suggests that people are more likely to choose bottled beverages over washable glasses, which highlights people’s caution and changing behaviours.

“Hopefully our pubs and restaurants will be able to adapt and safely provide a service which alleviates public concern.”