Glass container manufacturer Asl Oyna from Uzbekistan is expanding its production capacities from its current 250 tonnes per day.

Between 2020 and 2022 it aims to implement a number of large investment projects aimed both at increasing the export potential and saturating the domestic market.

It also plans to commission three more glass furnaces equipped with modern high-tech equipment.

Doing this is said to not only triple the production capacity of the enterprise, but also develop new markets for the sale of products.

Since its founding ten years ago, the number of employees at the plant in the Sergeli district of the capital of Uzbekistan has doubled to 600.

The first furnace was introduced when Asl Oyna was created in 2009, with a second glass melting furnace with a capacity of up to 120 tonnes was fired up in 2017.

This allowed Asl Oyna to increase the capacity of the enterprise by 70%.

It exports not only throughout the republic of Uzbekistan, but also to neighbouring countries Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and from this year it delivered to Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.