Verallia celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Neuburg plant in Bavaria, Germany.

The glass producer organised an Open Day for its employees, family and friends on July 14th.

Several hundred visitors participated in guided tours of the plant and its two furnaces. The last furnace was renovated in 2015 to modernize the cold end, in which bottles are inspected.

A master glassmaker demonstrated his practices and a revealed a sculpture of the number 50, produced by the plant’s apprentices, at the site entrance.

The Neuburg plant produces jars of flint for baby food, delicacies, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, as well as bottles for milk and juice.

The site abides by Verallia’s circular economy principles, which are core to the company’s industrial model. The energy consumed by the plant is recovered to heat some of the buildings of the community or neighbouring companies, which reduces its carbon footprint.