The Verallia Design Awards in France and Spain announced its winners.

The annual design competition invited students and young art or design school graduates to imagine, from a defined theme, an innovative type of glass packaging.


The theme of the ninth French edition was a glass container illustrating the material’s ecological virtues, while highlighting good quality, natural and organic contents.

717 students from 136 schools submitted more than 373 projects. In total, there were 65 shortlisted projects. The competition included a panel of judges including specialists from Verallia, customers, the sponsor Guillaume Delvigne, designers, journalists and trend studios.

There were six winners. This included ‘Grume’ by Théo Kasperowicz to represent beer, water and soft drinks; ‘Oliver’ by Eva Laura Azpurua and Aurélia de Chevigny to represent food; ‘Tuteur’ by Alexandre Pelletier to represent spirits; ‘Arcadia’ by Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock to represent wines; ‘En vrac!’ by Alice Doudard and Xiaoyue Zhao to represent the sponsor’s choice and ‘Louis Breuilly’ by Sarah Bentahrour to represent special champagne décor.


The theme of the fifth Spanish edition was ‘Spirits’, in which over 140 students submitted their innovative bottle projects.

A panel of judges consisting of Verallia customers and employees made the selection. Xavier Cuxart, from the design and branding agency Morillas, hosted the event. The awards were presented during the furnace opening ceremony at Saragossa.

There were three winners. The first prize went to ‘Bokken’ by Antoni Aparicio, representing a bottle for Japenese whisky. The second prize went to ‘Yo soy Guapa’ by Maria Balbás and Samantha García, representing a bottle for high-end gins.

The third prize went to ‘Deleite’ by Paula Vidal and Antonio Lopera, representing a bottle for Jerez brandy.