The Verallia group has teamed up with PUR Project to introduce a program aimed at integrating its sites into their local surroundings through landscaping projects with a social and environmental impact.

On the occasion of its annual internal day dedicated to EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) on 10th October, Verallia unveiled its first two projects involving its plants in Seville, Spain and Cognac, France.

The concept of the programme is to help regenerate local ecosystems by planting endemic species and creating "corridors" of biodiversity while better integrating the Verallia sites into the local landscape by reducing visual pollution.

In Seville, the available green spaces have been redesigned to increase the site's plant biodiversity to better integrate it into the local landscape.

With one furnace and 150 employees manufacturing up to one million bottles a day, the Seville plant serves the markets of spirits, olives and oils, sodas and sauces.

In Cognac, several projects were proposed to local teams to redesign the green spaces surrounding the entrance, the refectory, the commercial offices and the warehouse areas.

With three furnaces and 350 employees manufacturing up to 2 million bottles a day, Verallia’s Cognac site mainly meets the demand of three markets: still wines, some sparkling wines, and cognacs and spirits.