European glass container manufacturer, Verallia, has launched an innovation that makes it possible to use see-through lids with heat-sealable glass jars.

Heat-sealable glass containers are generally used for yoghurts, puddings or solubles and were until now sealed with aluminium lids.

Sealing with a transparent lid is now possible. This strengthens the appeal of using glass containers while enhancing the value of their contents.

Verallia, with its partners, has developed a technical solution that includes the primer applied to the jars, the easy-to-open transparent lid and the heat-sealing machine usable on its customers’ packing lines.

As a reference partner, Verallia guides its customers towards new applications that help them stand out from the competition by offering the end consumer distinctive containers.

In April 2016, Verallia presented another innovation proposing, for the first time, heat-sealable, pasteurisable and retortable glass jars or containers.

Endlessly recyclable, glass is the consumer’s preferred choice of packaging material. It does not interact with its contents, nor alter their taste, smell or composition.

Verallia develops 1500 new products a year and demonstrates its ambition to invest in new markets.