Verallia has rolled out an Industry 4.0 control system at its container glass factories over the past four years.

The Glass Service Expert System III (ES III) control system enables it to face industry 4.0 challenges with process chain digitalisation in order to release productivity barriers.

Most Verallia container glass factories are equipped with the ES III system, which has improved stability and resulted in an automated cruise control of furnaces and forehearths.

This contributed to energy savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions as well as a better control and stability of Verallia NOx emissions.

In addition, it has reduced defects linked to inclusion in the glass thanks to a better control of the furnace temperatures. The aim is to achieve industrial excellence using the least possible resources and ensure zero defects at the customers' sites.

Verallia was awarded in September 2020 by the RH&M Group and received the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Enterprise Trophy, which highlights the transformative role of AI in organisations.

Glass Service’s ES III control system includes connected instrumentation, data analysis, machine learning and model based predictive expert control including human experience.

It has been installed on more than over 300 furnaces internationally.

Romain Barral, Head of Operations at Verallia, said: "Verallia is keen to collaborate with experts who can help us progress in our operations, achieve industrial excellence, and decrease our environmental impact.

"One lever is to digitise our industrial equipment to have a better control of our processes with self-diagnostic capabilities and improve our production performance.

"This project is the result and the success of Verallia teams who were able to train and adopt this new tool, so they can focus on more strategic tasks, as analysing data and make decisions to ensure the best running of furnaces."