Verallia has chosen a Thimon shrink frame for use in its Pescia, Italy plant.

The container glassmaker has used Thimon machinery for several years.

In 2018, Thimon sold four of its Hot Pal machines to Verallia: two for plants in Italy and one each in France and Spain.

Improved ergonomics

Thimon said the machines had evolved to include improved safety as well as ergonomic elements on human-machine interfaces.

It said: “These improvements permit our customers to have a better grip and a more playful interface such as driving of the machine, maintenance assistance, machine states visualisation and online technical documents.

"The specificity of Thimon machines lies in the fact that our equipment is extremely adaptable and parametrisable.

“In fact, the parameters can be changed to adapt and optimise the machine as per a client’s needs.

“Customers like these functionalities as they can use different kind of plastic foils/hoods and we can easily adapt the machine to their needs.

"This is also a way for them to make some huge savings.”