Verallia Zaragoza has inaugurated a new furnace after a €21.5 million plant modernisation.

The furnace can produce 1.5 million containers a day, or more than 190,000 t/d of molten glass. It is mainly dedicated to the production of beer bottles.

A ceremony took place on Friday, June 29, in which Verallia President and General Director, Michel Giannuzi, General Director of Verallia Spain and Portugal, Paulo Pinto, and plant manager, Eulogio López, were among the 200 attendees.

Mr Giannuzzi said: "Verallia is strongly committed to the beverage and food sector in Spain.

"A competitive and dynamic sector, which has recovered strongly from the crisis, innovating and betting on new markets, with a clear exporting vocation."

Mr Pinto, wanted to "thank the entire team, for their commitment, daily improvement and pursuit of excellence, safety, quality and customer satisfaction."

The event was chaired by Ms. Marta Gascón, Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment of the Government of Aragon.

The site is dedicated to the production of beer, wine, cava and liquor bottles.

Verallia Zaragoza has two furnaces and the new oven will reduce emissions by 9%.

The speciality of the plant is its flexibility to be able to manufacture containers in 12 different glass colours.

Verallia Iberia has six glassmaking plants in Spain: in Azuqueca, Burgos, Montblanc, Zaragoza, Seville and Telde.