French supervision solutions company Vertech’ invests approximately 25% of its annual turnover in R&D.

Every year a number of software functionalities is integrated into SIL, working in synergy with clients and equipment manufacturers.

SIL2018 was officially released last December, and it includes more than 20 new features among which a robust Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation managed at different levels by the system.

The OEE indicator and each of its components (Availability, Performance and Quality) are set to provide important insights that will help improve the manufacturing process as well as facilitate management and decision-making.

The SIL system automatically calculates the production yields of the lines, the speed and performance of the IS machines, and the section downtimes with associated losses; which are the underlying metrics for measuring manufacturing productivity.

SIL2018 consolidates these metrics into an OEE Key Performance Indicator calculated in real time and available in different time frames.

The OEE is now displayed in SILC together with its three components and has also been added to the end of production reports.

These indicators are also available in SILX, which is the production web portal of the system, where managers and personnel have real-time access to key performance indicators using smart devices.

OEE values are additionally available with SILXtractor, which provides powerful data mining tools for the analysis of the data stored in SIL database. SIL2018 allows identifying interesting OEE trends and deviations with analytics over time.

These KPIs will also be available for production lines manufacturing two or more articles simultaneously on the IS machine.

This new release supports 15 languages and Vertech’ is ready to upgrade SIL installations for its client base worldwide.