Vertex Hydrogen will supply Encirc with 300+ megawatts of low carbon hydrogen for the furnace at its Elton plant in Cheshire, UK.

Last week, Encirc announced its plan to build a new ultra-low carbon furnace at its Cheshire site.

The furnace will be operational by 2027, and Encirc is aiming to be the first in the world to produce net zero glass bottles at scale by 2030.

The furnace will be fuelled by an energy mix of green electricity and low carbon hydrogen.

The hydrogen will be supplied by Vertex Hydrogen, as part of the HyNet low carbon industrial cluster, who signed a ‘Heads of Terms’ offtake agreement with Encirc.

Vertex will:

  • Deliver an initial 1,000 megawatts of low carbon hydrogen capacity – enough to provide the fuel consumed by a city the size of Liverpool.
  • Capture 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year at full capacity – equivalent to taking 750,000 cars off the roads.
  • Invest around £1 billion in the North West of the UK and facilitate the investment of a further £1 billion or more of associated infrastructure.

Adrian Curry, Managing Director of Encirc, said: “This partnership with Vertex Hydrogen will help us to change the face of glass as we aim to produce Net Zero bottles by 2030.

“Glass is an incredible material and sustainable in so many ways. It has been around since 3500 BC, and by using hydrogen to decarbonise it, we believe it will be the packaging choice for centuries to come.”