Vesuvius is a producer of Fused Silica Glass Tempering rolls used in the production of flat and curved safety glass.

In 2008 it pioneered the all mechanical endcap, using no glue or resins to connect the Ceramic to the endcaps.

The product, known as Smartly Driven endcaps, was designed to withstand the high temperatures required to produce tempered, low-e glass. The glue was always the weakest point and failure would cause downtime for machinery operators when it failed.

The company said Smartly Driven technology has brought reliability and consistent performance to the process of thousands of customers.

Its latest launch is called Smartly Driven Plus Rolls.

It said the new design of the Glass Tempering roll brings greater accuracy, tighter tolerances, and is much stronger and somewhat lighter than the existing designs.

Marcus Bancroft, Sales Manager – Americas, said: “We have tested the product in a number of locations, where the focus is on producing glass of the highest quality and Smartly Driven Plus rolls delivered tangible improvements to the users.

"The product was introduced to the industry at the Glasstec show in October, and when we highlighted the benefits, and showed videos of the rigorous testing we had done, the advantages of this new design were clear and obvious to see.”