Vetropack Italia, a part of the family-owned Vetropack Group, starts its plans to build a sustainable production site in Boffalora sopra Ticino, Italy.

The project aims to improve the efficiency and quality of production processes for the food and beverage glass-packaging manufacturer. The glassworks will enable the company to meet the increasing demand for its products as well as the varying requirements of its customers.

The industrial area of Boffalora sopra Ticino was chosen for its convenient location, near a strategic junction of the area's road network, and to aid in the recovery of the partially abandoned area.

The glassworks will be built through the reuse of secondary materials, generated by the demolition of existing buildings, and is designed to have the lowest day and night noise emission levels possible.

There will also be engineering systems aimed at greatly reducing atmospheric emissions compared to the legal limits.

Additionally, Vetropack will transform an area within its existing site of Naviglio Grande into a public green park, with a 2.5 km cycle/pedestrian path. The current SP225 road system will also be adapted and a public car park will be created to improve accessibility and safety.

The company’s sustainability strategy is quoted as the reason behind these measures. The strategy is partially inspired by the European Union's development plans, which aim to increase the percentage of recycled glass used in production.

Johann Reiter, CEO of Vetropack Holding, said: "The new industrial plant meets the main innovations and sustainability specifications and will be the flagship of our production sites, allowing us to achieve production efficiency and sustainability in line with our 2030 Strategy."

The company plans to integrate sustainability throughout its production chain, with a circular economy model as well as social and environmental sustainability being at the heart of its 2030 strategy.

The civil and urbanisation of the project has been assigned to GSE Italia, a general contractor that works with architectural and environmental design firms, and the process will also be supported by, a German engineering company.