Spanish container glassmaker Vidrala has partnered with MMAAZZ to launch the Vidrala Impact Index (VII) and measurement capability using smart in-line sensing technology.

The VII can be measured using MMAAZZ's Shock QC sensor technology and allows glass-packaging operations to optimise its line against breakage and damage from impact during processing.

Eduardo Albaizar, Process Scientist at Vidrala, said: “To provide a single number representing the severity of the impacts received throughout the whole filling line or within a portion of it, it seemed reasonable to develop a weighed sum approach accounting for the different impacts where the weighing factors were based on the relative risk of breakage.”

It is defined as the number of impacts with the same magnitude of the Inches Per Second (IPS) rating of the bottle that would produce similar breakage profitability.

For example, if the VII of a line is 22, the combined impact received by the glass bottle during filling would cause the same increase in the probability of breakage of that bottle than being hit 22 times by an impact with a magnitude equal to the bottle’s IPS rating.

Pablo Asiron, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at MMAAZZ, said: “Vidrala has been using the ShockQC in-line sensor over the past year and a half.

"During that time it initiated a study of impact during the processing of glass containers. We saw that this approach had incredible merit, so working closely with Vidrala, we added their findings to our data output so that all bottling companies will be able to have more in-depth knowledge of its lines.”

The new data will quantify what the impacts experienced by containers on a line really mean. This index can be calculated to either individual or multiple impacts. For multiple impacts, the individual impact indexes are added up to obtain the overall index.

Mr Asiron added: “We are already the only company that offers tools that can measure IPS on a filling line but we are constantly looking to improve. This new data using the VII is a significant upgrade for those in the bottling industry.”

MMAAZZ is a division of Masitek Instruments.

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