Mexican glassmaker Vidrio Formas has restarted production – just 18 days after a fire at the plant.

The company’s General Director, Marcos Bernstein, confirmed that the company’s Furnace One was working at full capacity.

He said: “I'm very happy to inform that thanks to the magnificent effort of our workers we are now running at full capacity our furnace 1 with its three machines.

“The support of our suppliers has also been fantastic, particularly the support from Bottero.

A fire took hold at the company’s manufacturing site in Lerma, near Mexico City, in the early hours of Tuesday February 4.

Despite only lasting approximately 30 minutes, the fire destroyed furnace two and damaged machinery on furnace one.

Furnace two will need to be rebuilt and could take between 45-60 days from the date of the fire until it restarts.

The company manufacturers spirit bottles and food and beverage jars for global brands including Nestle and Kraft.