Mexican manufacturer Vidrio Formas has started a second production facility to increase its capacity to deliver glass containers to its customer base.

The new facility is located in Lerma, about one hour away from Mexico City and 10 minutes away from the original Vidrio Formas glassworks.

The plant includes a batch plant with the capacity to support the installed furnace and the future installation of a second furnace, a new regenerative end-fired furnace with a capacity of 320 t/d and two glass container production lines.

Preparations are already underway to install two more lines to begin production by the end of 2022.

The new plant increases the throughput capacity of the company by 30%. With the two additional production lines in 2022 the increase will be 60%.

The plant is part of an expansion project to increase capacity by up to 114% within the next four years.

Vidrio Formas’ customer base includes domestic and international liquor, food, industrial, paint, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

The company manufactures spirit bottles in flint glass for Tequila and Mezcal, as well as rum, whiskey, vodka etc in sizes from 15ml to 3000litres. It has a decoration facility to colour bottles up to six colours.

International glass technology suppliers to the project included EME, Sorg, Bottero, Car-Met, Zecchetti, Iris, Heye, Graphoidal, Tiama, Vertech, AGR, Vidromecanica, LWN, RHI, Sefpro, Sonicam, Hotwork, CM Surface, Chovet, Sigma and Pneumofore.

Domestic suppliers included Graco, Insur, Hass, Sycsa, Paleti, Marlet, Igsa, Itisa, Grupo Produit, Guillermo J. Martinez, Devek, Diagraph, Arkema, Guillermo Bernal, Prapsa, Alvarado Monsivais Group, Ingenieria Especializada en Baja Tensión, La Casa de la Báscula, Siemens, Deasero, AVANT Projects, Brigmadi, Main Casa, GERB, ARGO, together with the outstanding effort and execution of the Calidad en Vidrio team.

The support of its suppliers meant Vidrio Formas was able to accomplish the goal of starting the new plant and is now looking at a bright future.

*A company profile of Vidrio Formas was published in our March 2020 issue, available to read as a PDF here.