Vidromecanica produces modern mould preheating kilns, adapted to the glass industry demands, furnished with advanced temperature controls and heating systems.

The Marinha Grande, Portugal based company uses three different heating systems, that are chosen according to production demands:

1 – Gas with direct flame;

2 – Gas with isolated flame;

3 – Electrical.

A special design of the inside chamber and recirculation ducts, and the use of a recirculator with the adequate features to the heating type are fundamental for the excellent performance of the equipment.

To place the moulds inside it has mould carrier carts with special wheels and charging tables, where the moulds are placed to be heated and withdrawn when they come out of the kiln.

The automatic operation of the carts and of the door opening and closing allow a smooth operation and energy saving.

The standard kilns can have up to four mould carrier carts and four independent doors, that allow the placement of the moulds by sectors and decrease the energy losses when taking the mould out.

Vidromecanica has developed and improved an oven type in which the carrier cars are mobile and can circulate through manufacturing floor, facilitating the transport of the moulds.

This eliminates transfer operations, making it easier and faster for operators to work.