Management acquires majority control of glassmaker


The management team at Dartington Crystal have acquired majority control of the business. 

Since 2006, the Chairman of the Devon based glassmaker and major shareholder John Hammond MBE have led the company to independent ownership and strengthened its performance to its healthy trading levels. 

Neil Hughes, Managing Director at Dartington Crystal, said: “We are grateful to John Hammond for his commitment and investment in Dartington Crystal over the last 12 years. We are delighted to be able to further his ambitions for the company and for his belief in us as a management team.”  

Mr Hughes, Richard Halliday, Commercial Director and Alan Ramsay, Finance Director, have all been supported by Barclays Bank to take a major share of the business and continue its growth.

Mr Hammond said: “Despite market challenges the company and its employees are well positioned to meet them and prosper. I am very proud in what we have achieved over the years and look forward to seeing progress continued.”

As the last factory scale producer of crystal in the UK, Dartington Crystal employs 130 staff at its Torrington HQ. 

Pictured: Richard Halliday, Commercial Director and Neil Hughes, Managing Director at Dartington Crystal

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