Australian glass manufacturer Visy achieved an average of 63% recycled glass in its packaging across Australia and New Zealand (this financial year to date).

It represents a 5% increase compared to the 2023 financial year.

The figure is higher for recycled coloured glass (amber and green) at 75%, on average, across Visy’s operations this financial year to date.

Visy’s General Manager of Sustainability Kate Baker said more recycled glass means less landfill and less energy use

“A Visy glass container with 70% recycled content uses up to 30% less energy to make than a container with no recycled content.”

Paul Vine, General Manager Visy Glass, said it was working with its customers to continually increase the amount of recycled glass its uses in its packaging.

“We’re getting up to 90% recycled glass into some of our green and amber bottles, creating a more sustainable product, keeping glass out of landfill and reducing our reliance on virgin material.”

“Thanks to investments like Visy’s $50 million upgrade at Laverton glass recycling, we’re getting close to our target of an average of 70% recycled glass in our bottles and jars across Australia and New Zealand.”

Investments underway in NSW and Queensland, include a $500m glass recycling and manufacturing facility in Yatala south of Brisbane, which will see Visy further increase the recycled content in glass containers in the future.