Today, Visy unveiled a $50 million upgrade to its Laverton glass recycling factory in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

At capacity, the modernised plant can recycle all of Victoria’s recyclable glass, doubling Visy’s glass recycling capability in the Australian state.

This is equivalent to 200,000 tonnes of glass annually, or 150 bottles and jars for every Victorian, every year.

The investment will also support the local industry and local jobs.

The plant was officially opened by the Victorian Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos, and Visy Chairman Anthony Pratt.

Mr Pratt said: “This is an important upgrade for Victoria and Visy on our way to manufacturing new glass bottles and jars made with an average of 70% recycled content.

“But we’re not simply manufacturers. We’re actually in the landfill avoidance because recycling and remanufacturing are important weapons against climate change.”

The upgrade is part of Mr Pratt’s 2021 commitment to invest $2 billion over the ensuing decade to reduce landfill, cut emissions and create thousands of green collar Australian manufacturing jobs.

A Visy glass container with 70% recycled content uses up to 30% less energy to make than a container with no recycled content.

The Laverton factory will use 20 new advanced optical cameras to sort glass down to three millimetres in size, keeping more glass in the circular economy.

The old facility could process glass 10 millimetres in size or larger.

Visy will remanufacture the glass into new glass jars, bottles, and containers at its factory in Spotswood—the only glass container furnace in Victoria.

Visy is one of Australia’s largest recycling companies, and partners with councils across Australia to process approximately 40% of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins.