Automotive glass manufacturer Vitro has approved a $60 million investment in new technologies.

The investments will be focused on North America to reinforce Vitro’s market position in automotive glass, supplying original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers.

Adrian Sada, CEO of Vitro said: “The auto industry is being disrupted and our investments include a series of technologies aimed at aligning our capabilities to become the supplier of choice for advanced auto glass solutions in windshields, coatings, laminated sidelites and sunroofs.”

Over the past four years, Vitro Automotive has invested more than $78 million across operations in process capabilities.

Salvador Minarro, President of Vitro Automotive Glass said: “SUV growth, electrification, augmented reality displays, connectivity, emissions regulation, safety, acoustics, weight reduction, advanced sensors, advanced antennas, energy-efficient technologies and new mobility models are the disruptors that create the need for new solutions in windshields, windows and sunroofs.”

It will work over the next 18 months to implement the investments according to the Board’s guidelines. Site locations for new investments are being finalised.