Vitro’s Guadalajara plant in Mexico has received an award for its environmental management at the site.

The plant, named Vidriera Guadalajara, was recognised for how it deals with air pollution, noise, water, waste management, impacts on soil and subsoil, and environmental risks in general.

It received the Clean Industry certificate from Mexico’s Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

“By obtaining this certification as a Clean Industry, we maintain the record of compliance to environmental regulations of the authorities and therefore obtain benefits not only to the relationship between the company and its customers, but also with community and nature,” said Peter D. Magaña González, Manager of Human Resources.

A PROFEPA audit inspected common areas including internal roads, water treatment plants and storage of waste and energy facilities. Some ideas for improvement were proposed that included adapting its processes to integrate eco-environmental technology and increase the use of sustainable energy.

Vitro said the certification process began long before the audit, as employees received training on practical issues about reducing the environmental impact during the production process, and who also received environmental awareness lectures.

"One of the most positive benefits of working to achieve this certification is the fact that our employees create awareness and they take to their houses the environmental values we have in the company " said Jadhiel Edgardo Lopez Vazquez, Environment Coordinator.

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