Waltec has successfully completed the first remote controlled commissioning and start-up of a new glass production line of a Chinese tableware glass manufacturer.

The reason for this premiere in the glass producing industry was the unforeseeable entry restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Herman Green, Global Sales Director, stated: “The Covid-19 crisis forced us to think and act out of the box and use technology to eliminate traditional business boundaries.

Thanks to the major steps forward in digitalisation that Waltec has taken in recent years, we were able to apply our latest digital solutions to carry out the commissioning in China.

“The first fully remote-controlled commissioning and start-up represents a major milestone to Waltec and underlines our innovation driven footprint to realize process optimisation.”

Waltec’s Operations Director, Mr. Rainer Wagner, said: “The remote collaboration between our HQ in Germany and our Chinese customer was accompanied by communication via video-capable end devices such as body cams, smartphones and laptops with headsets.

“In this way, the experts at Waltec’s remote centre were able to take the customer’s view without having to be physically on site and so contribute to a lower carbon footprint in general.

“The components of the production line are equipped with digital hardware that enables remote access to the machine control system and sensors collecting operating data almost in real time.

"A first step to go beyond Industry 4.0!”