More than 100 European policy makers, members of the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), consumers and other stakeholders gathered for the first ever water-tasting event in the European Parliament in February 2011.

The event, named ‘Discover the Natural Mineral Waters of Europe’, was hosted by Rovana Plumb, Filip Kaczmarek and Theodoros Skylakakis, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Andreas Larsson, who was named Best Sommelier of the World 2007, invited the guests to experience the diversity and differences in taste of the mineral waters.

In her opening remarks, Dr Plumb said: “Water stands for diversity and a unique European heritage that we should preserve. Not only is this natural product fundamental to our health and our life but also to our economy, our social and environmental standards.”

Mr Skylakakis added that the event was not only a celebration of the mineral waters but also of the glass containers in which they have been packaged for many centuries. “These two traditional products make a great combination. Glass is a resource-efficient and sustainable material, but is also safe from a health perspective. This makes it the packaging material for the future, since it also has innovation potential.”

Mr Larsson reinforced this sentiment: “Only glass protects the purity and delicacy of mineral waters. Water is so clean that every other packaging would affect the taste of it.”