Glassworkers at the Rogaska Crystal site in Slovenia and Iittala tableware facility in Finland are to lose their jobs.

Parent company Fiskars Group said it would cut 155 jobs from the glass manufacturing facility at the Rogaska site and 18 roles at Iittala glassworks.

The group also plans to implement furloughs of maximum 90 days concerning maximum 137 employees at the Iittala factory to reduce elevated inventories.

In addition, the company said it was planning to invest €15 million in the Rogaska glass factory, where many luxury brand Waterford’s crystal products are manufactured.

The aim of the investment is to modernise the factory and improve its competitiveness. It will also lead to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Nathalie Ahlström, Fiskars Group’s President and CEO, said: the company was managing the group profile more towards premium and luxury brands by focusing on design and craftmanship.

“Iittala and Rogaska factories continue to be an important part of our manufacturing footprint, as demonstrated by the investments we make in them. With these planned changes, we are ensuring their competitiveness both in the short and long term.”

The group also plans to cut 18 roles at its Billnäs, distribution centre in Finland.