Weck Glaswerk, one of the most historic and renowned glassworks in Germany, has relied for several decades on Rotary Vane technology for the supply of vacuum and compressed air to its IS machines.

In the expansion of its production plant in Bonn in 2017 the company installed the first UV30 vacuum pump designed by Pneumofore, a supplier of centralised vacuum and compressed air systems for glassworks globally.

This Rotary Vane machine fully met the expectations. The efficient non-stop operation and the ability to independently service the machine reinforced Weck’s faith in Pneumofore.

The company installed a second Pneumofore UV30 unit, equipped with Variable Speed drive, and commissioned a Pneumofore A400.4 low pressure air compressor for the supply of 3 bar(g).

Owing to the steady running of the Pneumofore machines under full load over the years, Weck Glaswerk was happy to document the results and the confirmed power consumption savings with a video testimonial.

By providing such a testimonial, Weck demonstrated the improvements achieved in meeting the demanding German carbon footprint reduction rules.

The video testimonial is available via the Pneumofore website and YouTube..