A webinar will focus on the vital role that refractories play in the glass manufacturing process.

Four speakers will provide technical presentations about the role of refractories in this free webinar.

The four speakers are:

Roland Heidrich, Research Associate, Refel S.p.A; who will speak about Blistering of Fused Cast AZS in Contact with Glass Melts

Oliver Clau├čnitzer, Key Account Manager Glass at RATH; who will discuss The Secrets of HiGlass Refractories

Kevin Selkregg, Retired Manager, Analytical and Testing Laboratory at Monofrax; and

Hans Mehl, Managing Director, MGFS, who will present a paper titled Three Essential points to make your furnace last longer

Each will provide 20 minute presentation on the topic of refractories.

The webinar starts at 3pm (British Summer Time) on Tuesday June 9.

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