Horn Glass Industries has received an order to install a 430t/day end-fired furnace at Wiegand-Glas' Schleusingen facility.

Horn received an order in April for the repair of furnace 1 at the Steinbach am Wald plant, which is an 82.8 m² end fired furnace.

In the future the plant will produce 270 tonnes of green glass bottles per day. The existing furnace will be redesigned by Horn for this purpose, partly equipped with new heating and safety equipment and will receive a new barrier boosting and two new batch chargers.

A further order was placed with Horn in July. The furnace manufacturer will build the new furnace 2 – a 430 t/d end fired furnace - at the Schleusingen plant.

The scope of supply of the furnace and the three forehearths includes the planning work, new furnace equipment and construction of the plant.

Shortly after placing the order, the first on-site meeting with Wiegand-Glas concerning the new furnace took place.

Horn said it wished all parties involved in a successful and trouble-free project procedure.

Wiegand-Glas is in the top three of largest container glass manufacturers in Germany. It produces eight million glass containers a day for the food and beverage industry from its four plants in Steinbach am Wald, Ernstthal, Großbreitenbach and Schleusingen.

A profile of Wiegand-Glas’ recent investment at its Schleusingen site was published in the July/August issue of Glass International, available here.