China’s Wuhan Changli New Material Science and Technology has installed two ISRA inspection PowerPlate-Systems for Low-E glass inspection.

The P2 -Color and P2 –Coating systems are designed to detect all types of coatings defects on Low-E glass products, offering a fast return on investment. As well as detection of small defects they can monitor the colour homogeneity of the full surface. That is the advantage over spectrometer- based systems which measures the coating colour.

The solution was delivered by automated inspection: it enables manufacturers to maintain a quality history of each product and offers the chance to adjust and improve production processes based on quality data. Convinced by ISRA's expertise in coated glass inspection, Wuhan Changli chose the inspection group as its partner.

"ISRA supported us all the time during the project and afterwards. The ISRA engineer contacted us by phone when he was alarmed and gave us remote support immediately to fix the problem ASAP,” stated Ms Wang Gui Rong, responsible for the project with ISRA at Wuhan Changli.

With P2-Coating and P2-Color, the manufacturer searches its products for pinholes, debris, scratches, arces, coating inhomogenities and other defects that occur after the low emissivity coatings are applied.

Before installing the systems, reoccurring defects resulted in material losses for Wuhan Changli. Although the company still managed to deliver the targeted quality, glue stains and debris kept popping up repeatedly and were the first defects to be addressed.

After the solutions were implemented, tracking the history of poor quality products, filtering them out and resolving a defect’s root cause became manageable for the quality department.

“With the ISRA systems, the quality of our entire production chain improved. They mean an important advantage in monitoring the results and corresponding processes as well as increased convenience in quality control,” added Ms Wang GuiRong.

Pic: Full area, automatic coating inspection and inline colour monitoring. Edge, shape and homogeneity inspection is also possible.