Xinglass’ (Hangzhou Glass Technology) new generation glass tempering furnace was on full display at the recent China Glass exhibition in Shanghai.

The tempering furnace model GTH0816AA-S is specially designed for tempering glass for lamps, appliances, furniture, and other small size and thin glass. The smallest glass can be fully tempered at 45mm x 45mm, 2.8mm thickness.

With the usage of advanced separate quenching technology, the furnace not only ensures tempering quality but also achieves the purpose of energy-saving.

“The exhibition lasted for 4 days, and there was an endless stream of customers who came to consult, and some reached an agreement on the booth to sign a contract,” said Wang Rong, General Manager of Xinglass,

“Although the exhibition was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with many foreign customers unable to come to the site, they contacted us via internet and other platforms to inquire about our equipment and product information.

“The exhibition ended successfully, and we have gained a lot. We look forward to meeting more people with lofty ideals in the glass industry in the coming year,” concluded Mr Rong.