Xpar Vision has signed a strategic supply agreement with Mexico’s FAMA (Fabricacion de Maquinas) group.

FAMA will integrate Xpar Vision’s products into its newly introduced IS machines and sell them to their market. Within the scope of supply are Xpar Vision’s Infrared Dual camera system (IR-D), Infrared Gob weight Control system (IGC), Gob Assist (GA) and Blank side Temperature Control system (BTC).

Fama’s President Mr. Juan Farias said: “We have many reliable actuators in our portfolio, that can be used to control the forming process in closed loop applications. But when it comes to sensors, we are not interested in re-inventing the wheel and starting from scratch. Instead we seek strategic partnerships with companies that offer mature and reliable technology to the glass industry.

“Our offering to market includes forming process automation up to the highest level, as we believe that it is becoming harder to retain glass forming knowledge and experience within the glass industry. This knowledge and experience we have to build in into our solutions.”

More competitive
Paul Schreuders, CEO of Xpar Vision, said: “Following co-operations with other IS machine manufacturers, this agreement with FAMA is again an appreciation of our most advanced and broad hot end sensor technology portfolio and again an important step in our efforts to optimise the container glass production process, in order to make the industry more competitive with other packaging materials.

“The more we are able to bind forces with glass manufacturers and also with peer suppliers, the more effective we will be giving glass a better position in the field of packaging materials.”

In depth training
FAMA representatives will be trained to understand the capabilities of the technologies.

Farias said: “This in depth training is absolutely necessary, because we want to be the solution provider and not just equipment supplier.

"In depth understanding of the capabilities consequently allows us to define our path forward, with regards to integrating the Xpar Vision systems into our machines and control systems.

“We believe that process automation is important to boost our industries performance, in terms of defects produced and efficiency, but also in terms of weight and carbon footprint reduction, as such making glass a more sustainable and competitive packaging material.”

Pictured: FAMA's Juan Farias (left) and Xpar's Paul Schreuders sign the agreement.