Xpar Vision has welcomed two new Sales Managers to its team.

Mrs. Magdalena Miotk, 37 and Mr. Camiel van Dijk, 39, started their new roles on October 1 and will strengthen Xpar’s global sales team.

Magdalena will be assigned to all Spanish, Portuguese and French speaking customers.

Magdalena replaces Mr. Job van de Laar for the Spanish and Portuguese customers. Mr van de Laar is leaving Xpar Vision to reunite with his family abroad and extend his career there.

For French speaking customers, Magdalena takes over from Sales Manager Jeroen Vincent, allowing him to focus his attention on Xpar Vision partners Bottero and Lubriglass.

Magdalena is of Polish origin and has experience in sales and marketing in international businesses. Magdalena speaks seven languages fluently which enables her to manage customer relations at the highest level.

“More than 70% of consumers see glass as the most eco-friendly packaging. Being a part of Xpar Vision team is a privilege and a great challenge for me,” she said.

Camiel will be assigned to the territories of USA, South East Asia, Africa and India.

Camiel will take over some of the tasks from Sales Managers Michael Podgorski and Jeroen Vincent and CEO Paul Schreuders, allowing all of them to concentrate more on their remaining tasks and strengthening the global sales team as a whole.

Camiel studied at the International Business School at the Hanze University in Groningen and has more than 10 years experience in the area of business development in international companies.

Camiel is looking forward to becoming acquainted to the world of container glass and build customer relations. He will attend glasstec at the end of October.

“My goal is to help our customers optimise their business results; this will at the same time improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the glass industry. With the continuous development done by Xpar Vision, please feel free to contact me and discuss how we can help improve your forming process performance and quality control”.

Strengthening the team

CEO Paul Schreuders said: “With the new staff we’ll take the opportunity to reshuffle tasks within our sales team and ensure that besides account management we’ll also organise properly for product management and strengthen our marketing.”

Magdalena: Miotk@xparvision.com; +31 50 316 2858; linkedin.com/in/magdalena-miotk-1207155

Camiel: Dijk@xparvision.com; +31 50 316 2861; linkedin.com/in/camiel-van-dijk-groningen