Representatives for an International Year of Glass 2022 (IYOG) will outline their proposal to the UN in November.

The Spanish Ambassador to the UN will provide a virtual presentation to United Nations representatives in early November from Madrid using YouTube.

It will be broadcast in New York and Geneva simultaneously and will be downloadable worldwide.

He will introduce partner organisations and personalities in the IYOG project, explain the activities planned and concepts being developed, and how they link to the UN Agenda 2030.

The formal sponsors, the ambassadors of China and Spain will speak, but others may be invited to contribute.

The President of the General Assembly will add his support (the Turkish ambassador is expected to be in post by then).

25-28 minutes of the 30 minutes allocated for the presentation will be for an IYOG video.

Ambassador Santos will send a list of the 191 countries represented at the UN and each will be contacted and invited to the IYOG project presentation.

They will also be asked for national contacts where we have no information on local glass making.

For maximum impact, in mid-October, supporting institutions will be given the date and time and invited to join the presentation. A gentle reminder will follow two days beforehand.

After the presentation, the Resolution for approving the IYOG will be presented at the UN General Assembly planned for December 2020.

Face-to-face meetings and voting are cancelled for 2020. Instead the General Assembly will adopt a silent process based on unanimity.

Opposition to an IYOG is unlikely.