This is a prize that will be conferred - on the occasion of the Presentation of Gambero Rosso’s 2023 “Vini d'Italia” Guide on 15th October in Rome – to the Italian company that has produced wine in the most sustainable manner.

The winery that has distinguished itself with the sustainability of its winemaking practices deserves an accolade so that it does not remain unnoticed, and its efforts can act as an example for others.

The objective of the Sustainable Bottle is to show everyone that one really can be concerned for the planet, whilst at the same time produce wines of outstanding quality.

In the design of the Sustainable Bottle, the logo of Zignago Vetro stands beside some leaves, which symbolize the concept of agriculture.

Glass is sustainable because it can be regenerated ad infinitum, and it invites the wine it hosts to be similarly sustainable.

The leaves, in turn, wrap themselves around the bottle and remind us how agriculture can be as virtuous just as glass is.

For several years Zignago Vetro has established a fruitful partnership with Gambero Rosso, because it shares attention to the wine industry as well as to the values of sustainability and innovation.

“It’s a strong collaboration that can do a great deal of good for our company and, we believe, also indicate the best path to take for Italian agriculture as a whole.

“Together, we can make progress more quickly, towards a better world.”