Wiegand-Glas is one of the largest container glass manufacturers in Germany and produces more than eight million glass containers daily from its four plants for the beverage and food industry.

It recently put into operation a batch house delivered from Zippe at its Steinbach am Wald plant in Bavaria, Germany, while a recyclable material silo plant was also fully commissioned.

The project was an example for the further use and treatment of created waste material which arises during glass manufacturing or of its recycling.

In Wiegand-Glas‘s recycling plants, created glass dusts are collected and transported by the corresponding pneumatic transport system into storage silos.

Consequently the dust is loaded on trucks by loading equipment and a large platform scale and are then delivered to the customer for further processing (such as for example the construction sector).

This project enables the re-use of waste material in an ecological-friendly manner and paves the way for similar projects in the future.

Zippe Industrieanlagen designed, planned, and constructed a custom fit plant according to the requirements of Wiegand-Glas‘s Steinbach am Wald site.