Bangkok Glass Public Company Limited has selected Zippe to be its batch and cullet supplier for its new Kabinburi Glass Industry float glass factory.

Bangkok Glass is more famous as a container glass manufacturer but has extended its business field to float glass.

The new 600t/day Kabinburi factory will be built in Prachinburi province, the eastern part of Thailand.

Zippeā€™s scope of supply contains engineering, delivery of equipment and the electrical control system as well as the supervision and commissioning of the plant.

The plant will be built in row and is equipped with seven container scales and two 3,000-l-mixers. The delivery of raw materials will take place partially place by silo trucks and by open trucks.

Cullet will continuously be fed by means of dosing belt scales in sandwich technique.

The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the third quarter, 2017.