Paul Schreuders
Chief Executive Officer
XPAR Vision B.V

Presentation Synopsis:

Digitalization & Robotization

Digitalization & robotization is changing the world of container glass forming. Starting point is current state of container glass forming. Although throughout the recent decades IS machines are more and more equipped with electronics and servo motors, and have become bigger and faster, these machines are still mainly manual controlled and highly dependent on people skills. Taken into account the current relatively low performance, and the huge challenges ahead, container glass producers are in high need of a step wise change. Digitalization and robotization are necessary ingredients for such a step wise change. The presenter aims to create a deeper understanding on both topics, in order to allow the audience to set for a new well though out renewed vision on future development


Paul Schreuders, Chief Executive Officer at XPAR Vision B.V. in Groningen, The Netherlands, working in the field of sensor and robot solutions for hot end inspection, quality assurance and closed loop automation for the global container and table ware industry, with the aim to make glass a more competitive and sustainable material to use for packaging or to drink from.
Paul has 30 years of experience in various roles in the areas of supply chain and sales & marketing in various companies, both in Europe and Asia. Since 2007 Paul is CEO of XPAR Vision, and a firm believer of the great potential of the global container glass industry and its products.
Paul is married with Marjorie and has four sons in the age of 22 to 17.
Msc Industrial Engineering, Eindhoven University, Netherlands.