Regina Hafner
bmp greengas


E2B produces with biomethane

A reusable glass packaging can be used around 50 times before it is melted down again and put to a new use. So glass fulfils the requirements of a circular economy in terms of reuse and recycling to the highest degree. Nevertheless, in many cases there can be done more to improve the energy balance of glass containers. This is because glass production, from melting to forming and beyond, is an energy-intensive process that often makes use of natural gas. Wiegand-Glas has reacted to this and produces product lines with biomethane under the Eco2Bottle brand, partly supplied by bmp-greengas.


As the contact person at bmp greengas for industrial customers, Regina Hafner supports companies switching to a sustainable energy supply. Even before she made the mission of Germany's leading biomethane trader her own, building long term and high value relationships with customers was the key to success for her.

Her many years of experience in the travel industry working for companies such as Expedia, Regina not only gained an international mindset and perspective for what she was doing but also developed a sense for anticipating the needs of demanding customers and creating tailor made solutions for them.

This strategic vision is now also the basis for what she is doing at bmp greengas. "The greatest motivation for me is the added value that my work offers: By helping to convert products, entire processes or packaging to 'green', I can contribute to making the world a bit greener."