Eric Giljam
Category Leader Glass


Making HEINEKEN bottles greener: carbon neutral glass production by 2040

HEINEKEN a new ambition to decarbonise its own production by 2030 by maximising energy efficiency and renewable energy. In close partnership with suppliers, also by 2030, HEINEKEN aims to cut emissions by 30% across its entire value chain from a 2018 baseline. Looking ahead to 2040, the company is the first global brewer to aim for carbon neutrality in its full value chain. As approx. 30% of HEINEKEN emissions come from packaging materials, of which a big part from glass packaging, HEINEKEN calls upon the glass industry to decarbonise glass production.


Eric has been working for HEINEKEN in the last 12 years where he has been mainly responsible for the procurement of various packaging materials.
In HEINEKEN Global Procurement, Eric was initially responsible for aluminium hedging and sourcing of metal cans, after that became responsible for sourcing paper packaging like corrugated boxes and labels, and is now responsible for sourcing glass bottles.
In his current role as Category Leader Glass, he and his team of 7 buyers are responsible for sourcing 15 billion glass bottles from 50 glass manufacturers for 60 Heineken Operating Companies worldwide.