Palma González García
Innovation Programme Manager
Glass Futures


Hydrogen: An Alternative Fuel For Glass Furnaces

Dr Palma González García is leading the Glass Futures’ Industrial Fuel Switching (IFS) Phase 3 programme, funded by BEIS. This project aims to research the economic, environmental and technical aspects of a range of alternative fuels to enable the decarbonisation of the glass sector. Hydrogen, one of the explored alternative fuels, is considered by Glass Futures as a key enabler for the transition to a low carbon glass industry. The many different facets of hydrogen in glass furnaces are being explored in the IFS programme, from the combustion properties of the gas to the effects of hydrogen in gas melts.


Dr Palma González García is Innovation Programme Manager at Glass Futures. She is responsible for the Industrial Fuel Switching Programme. Palma received her PhD from the University of Sheffield in 2016, specialising in the modelling of active flow control devices. She also holds an MEng in Alternative Internal Combustion Engines and two BEng in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, all obtained in Spain.

Before joining Glass Futures, Palma worked as a successful Innovation and Technical Insight Manager, developing technology to produce green hydrogen from membrane-free water electrolysers. Palma has a wide technical background including mechanical design, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and has vast expertise in CFD, explosion dynamics and flame mitigation.