Sander Gersen
Project Leader


Hydrogen as fuel for the glass industry, what are the challenges?

The glass industry has a huge challenge in decarbonizing heating processes. A fast and sustainable route to reduce the carbon intensity of these processes is to replace natural gas with hydrogen. Within this presentation the role of hydrogen in the future energy system will be described and potential hydrogen markets will be presented. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art knowledge with regard to hydrogen and hydrogen/natural gas combustion and burner performance will be discussed to allow a gradual transition from natural gas to hydrogen within the glass industry. Furthermore, briefly modeling of hydrogen/natural gas combustion will be addresses during the presentation.

Presenters: Sander Gersen (DNV), Oscar Verheijen (CelSian)


Sander Gersen is an expert in combustion processes. He is involved in several projects to assess the impact of the introduction of “new” (sustainable) fuels on the performance end-use equipment such as gas engines and industrial burners. Sander finished his PhD on the experimental study of the autoignition properties of methane/hydrogen mixtures in 2007 at the University of Groningen. Sander is the project leader of the TKI project “Hydrogen as a fuel for heating processes”.